Get Well Soon

pilates one!
Photos: Pilates One

Dear Diary,

Not feeling so great after the New Year’s incident. I was positive it was a karaoke bar. Who’d have thought you could get kicked out for one mediocre Glee cover?

The experience added fuel to my resolutions (no brown liquor, no show tunes). I’m also going to start exercising at Pilates One. The penthouse studio — full of gravity machines and city views — recently opened in Coconut Grove.

And I’m getting my house in order. I hired image consultant Rebecca Johnson (305-803-3355 or rebecca@firstimpressions.me) to organize my closets. She donates the giveaway pile to Lotus House women’s shelter. And there’s a feng shui seminar January 16 and 17 at Prana Yoga.

I’m going to focus on the big picture, like the environment. Trade my overpackaged hair products for an all-natural shampoo bar and shop ecofriendly clothes.

This is my year. I won’t stop believing (gotta hold on to this feeling).


Photo: Courtesy of Pilates One