Mac Daddy

panna dolce!

Your first boyfriend called you numnums. The second, doodlebug.

The last one called you cookie. And now he’s your fiance.

So say “I do” to Panna Dolce, a new confections company that cranks out airy, Frenchy macarons and ships them around the country.

The recipe took the owners five years to perfect. The sweets are tricky little suckers — as evidenced in the lightly crisped exterior and delightfully chewy center. The bite-size wonders come in myriad flavors both traditional (raspberry chocolate ganache, vanilla rose) and not (almond butter and strawberry jelly, caramel fleur de sel, Key lime).

Want custom colors or flavors? Bedazzled packaging? Your wish is their command.

Just ask nicely.

Or you know what they’ll be calling you next.

Available online at pannadolce.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Panna Dolce