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Songs for Summer

A Labor Day Playlist

labor day playlist!

Just because summer’s ending doesn’t mean we’ve lost our party mood. We’ve still got it in us, and you will, too, after listening to our playlist. Turn it on, pump up the volume, and dance your face off.

Heirloom,” by Sufjan Stevens
(Our joy ain’t goin’ nowhere.)

Everything Is Working,” by Games
(Except us!)

Window,” by Pvt
(Throwback summer-night sneak out.)

Hey Boy,” by Magic Kids
(Wink, wink.)

Friendly Ghost,” by Harlem
(Pack up your whites.)

Right and Wrong,” by The Soft Pack
(For the commute to the beach, not the cubicle.)

Shelia,” by Atlas Sound
(Barbecue background anthem.)

I Wished for You,” by Jasmine Ash
(Poolside cocktails, a foot rub, and …)

Cone of Light,” by The Almighty Defenders
(Rediscover tinfoil tanning.)

Hello Halo,” by Blair
(An extra day to be extra not good.)

That’s How We Burn,” by Jaill
(The sun’s still strong in September.)

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