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Peruvian Cooking Lessons with Juan Carlos Mejia

Make South American Food at Home

cooking with your friends!

Your idea of entertaining guests is commanding Princess to roll over and show her belly. “Ta-da!”

For a more impressive performance, invite chef Juan Carlos Mejia (J.C. for the non-natives) to lead a Peruvian cooking class in your kitchen. Raised in his family’s restaurant, the South American transplant will create a two-course (appetizer and entree) menu for you and at least five friends. Expect mouthwatering, traditional dishes like corvina ceviche and choros a la chalaca (boiled mussels, onions, cilantro, Peruvian corn, celery, and lime).

Mejia will arrive with ingredients (chopped and portioned per person) and equipment (knives, cutting boards, and silverware) in tow; you simply provide the dishes for plating. Looking to liven things up? Chef hats, aprons, and plenty of Pisco Sours — the country’s signature cocktail — are available for a little bit extra.

That should do the trick.

Juan Carlos Mejia (954-854-6668 or jcmejia@cookingwithyourfriends.com). Classes are $50 per person.

Photo: Courtesy of Cooking with Your Friends