Get to Know Your Neighbor at AcroYoga

A Workout, Massage, and Social Hour


As a kid, you were scolded for talking during nap time. Now it’s during ohm time.

For a mind-body class that better fits your social needs, there’s AcroYoga. The one-hour, chatter-friendly fitness session combines yoga, Thai massage, and acrobatic techniques.

After a group introduction, get to know your neighbor through a series of joint poses that require legs, arms, and, yes, bum, to rest upon the participant beside you. Can’t control the awkward laughter? No worries — giggling is encouraged.

Trust a partner to support you through aerial stunts (one lift resulted in a surprisingly therapeutic spinal release), back bends, splits, and a few curious spins. Once you’ve had your turn, flip positions to return the favor.

Now that’s the community spirit.

Available at IronFlower Fitness, 7300 Biscayne Boulevard (305-640-5270 or ironflowerfitnessmiami.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Kadri Kurgun

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