Cleaveland Jones Takes Over as Tour Guide

The Local Musician Gives Us the Lowdown

cleaveland jones!

Swaying to the laid-back, Brazil-inspired beats of Cleaveland Jones, you’ll find it hard to believe the local music icon is an Ohio native. But with more than a decade of Miami living under his belt — and a new album, Taõ Jones (as in “Dow Jones”), about to drop — the samba, reggae, and funk master ought to have some exceptional neighborhood suggestions.

DailyCandy: Best dessert in the city?
Cleaveland Jones: Lecca Lecca Gelato Caffe. And for the record, I liked the gelato way before the cast of Jersey Shore worked there.

DC: Would we ever catch you with a frozen drink?
CJ: No, I’m a vodka soda guy. People really shouldn’t order those handmade fruity drinks — like the ones they make at the Delano — when the bars are crowded.

DC: Best after-show hangout?
CJ: Club Deuce or The Room.

DC: And if it’s just a regular night?
CJ: If someone calls me to go salsa dancing, I just can’t say no. Tuesdays at Tapas & Tintos. Fridays at Yuca. I also heard The Diplomat is off the chain on Saturdays.

DC: Where do you go for inspiration?
CJ: Inspiration finds me. I also like to run on the beach. This is starting to sound like a Match.com commercial.

DC: Do you have a favorite meal in town?
CJ: I tend to stay in and cook. I like to make curry. The other day I went to Miami China City to buy some Sriracha rooster hot sauce.

DC: We have to ask — what’s with the glasses?
CJ: Men and women both ask me where I bought these glasses. They’re prescription, super cheap, and from For Eyes.

Cleaveland Jones performs live this Friday at 11 p.m. at The Stage, 170 NE 38th Street (thestagemiami.blogspot.com). For more information, go to cleavelandjones.com.

Photo: Alison Thompson

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