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Time to Eat the Mandarin Gourmet Donuts

Glazed, Dipped, and Better Than Ever


Some foods are best left untranslated (see: pâté).

But there’s no wrong way to describe a donut.

Especially when the fried O comes from Mandarin Gourmet Donut Shoppe, a catering company and newly opened bakery in Palmetto Bay. Owner Michelle Vazquez attended — wait for it — donut school (yes!) and dreamed up a special yeast-based recipe in a variety of flavors: white chocolate, raspberry glaze, hazelnut dip, dark chocolate espresso, and dulce de leche.

To make a guiltless but no less tasty ring, Vazquez uses organic ingredients and fries in palm oil. She also makes fresh baked breads (blueberry, cranberry-orange, plain baguette), tarts, cupcakes, pastries, croissants, fruit bowls, and salads.

And though the bakery’s country French feel begs you to stay, its biggest seller is the delivery service: Whether you order one treat or a dozen, Vazquez will drive it over (for a small charge) to your place in Miami-Dade.

That’s sweet.

Mandarin Gourmet Donut Shoppe, 9837 SW 184th Street, Village of Palmetto Bay (305-323-4999 or mandaringourmetdonutshoppe.com).

Photo: D. Sharon Pruitt Pink Sherbet Photography / Getty Images

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9837 SW 184th St
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