Royal Wedding Headpiece DIY

Royal Wedding Headpiece DIY

Eugenia Kim Shows Us How

Hey, have you heard? Prince Will and Kate Middleton are getting married! It’s crazy how no one is talking about it.

Clearly, we jest. We’re as obsessed with the royals as the next palatial interloper. In today’s video, we team up with NYC-based milliner and all-around cool lady Eugenia Kim to craft a beautiful headpiece (perfect for 5 a.m. viewing parties).

You can buy all the supplies at any craft store for about $20. Feel free to use your favorite colors, fake flowers, and feathers — or even sub a headband for the clip.

We also asked Kim for her take on a Kentucky Derby hat. All you need is your favorite silk scarf, scissors, and a wide-brim straw hat. Don’t have the latter? We just bought one on the street in Soho for $15.

No joke.

Too scared to DIY? Check out our Roundup of 62 headpieces that make us swoon. For more information on Kim (or to buy one of her gorgeous hats), go to eugeniakim.com.