DailyCandy Mobile

DailyCandy Mobile is a group of services that allow you to experience the genius of DailyCandy anytime, anywhere on your cell phone or mobile device. It has two features:

DailyCandy on Your BlackBerry

Get easy access to DailyCandy content from your BlackBerry home screen. Read the archives (rife with awesomeness), find the new resto whose name you blanked on, or forward something cool to friends ("Look, shoes!").

Just go to with your BlackBerry Browser and install — it's super easy (even for techtards). Then — viola! — you'll have all our pretty right in your hand.


BlackBerry OS 4.1.0 or higher

DailyCandy ToGo

DailyCandy's new mobile website (you savvy techsters may know it as WAP, we call it DailyCandy ToGo) optimizes DailyCandy's website for your mobile screen.

All you need is a mobile device with Internet access.

No need to sign up; just go to on your phone or PDA. You'll be automatically taken to DailyCandy ToGo, the mobile version of the website.