Skillshare's Practical Continuing Education Is A+

Head of the Classes

girls jumping rope!

We’re glad we majored in anthropology. Though our minor — decorating large spaces — may have been ill-advised.

Perhaps it’s time to invest in lessons we’ll actually use. Skillshare, a just-launched site for practical, community-based classes, is driven by the principle that education shouldn’t stop after college.

Expert-led courses cost $10 to $40 and cover all manner of topics, such as chocolate making, pickup artistry, Chinatown navigation (with chef Eddie Huang and a sommelier), and fried chicken suppers (taught by Sarah Simmons).

Quirkier classes, like How to Travel Around the World Before You’re 65, probably won’t get prime billing on your resume, but you’ll have the satisfaction of being better in real life than on paper.

Sessions are held all over the city, with the catalog developing and expansion expected. If you have a marketable skill, feel free to pitch a class. Thompson Harrell did: He’s teaching guys how to pop the question Hollywood style. We’ve heard it’s a real ringer.

Available online at skillshare.com.

Photo: Getty Images