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Neapolitan Pizza Made While You Party

posto pizzeria pizza boston!

Zero-Effort Pizza Party
Serves at least twenty

1 Posto menu
1 mobile wood-burning oven
1-2 on-site caterers

1. Hop online during your Toddlers & Tiaras/Extreme Couponing DVR break. Choose from Posto’s three customizable salad-to-cannoli dinner packages. Call in your order and return to your abnormally scheduled programming.

2. Forget about it until the day of.

3. Clear a flat, twenty-foot outdoor space for a two-wheeled oven (manufactured to chef/owner Joe Cassinelli’s specifications).

4. Sit back and do nothing as flame masters stoke the fire using local oak, cherry, and birch branches.

5. Watch guests get pie-eyed as caterers toss dough.

6. Top off drinks while admiring freshly applied toppings like prosciutto, arugula, and farm egg.

7. Bask in the sun while pizzas bake in 1,000° heat.

8. Serve Neapolitan perfection.

Available by phone order (617-625-0600), starts at $20 per person. For the complete catering menu, go to pizzeriaposto.com. Book at least four weeks in advance.

Photo: Courtesy of Posto

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