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Mom Bloggers Choose Their Favorite Reads

Bloggers Are Moms, Too

blogs by moms!

Oh, bloggers, what a tangled interweb you weave. And so many of you moms. You do us proud.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked the author of one of our favorite reads, The Possessionista’s Dana Weiss, to name her fave blogger/mom, who we then asked for hers, and so on.

The Possessionista
The Goods:
Weiss considers herself the Nancy Drew of television fashion. She watches all the same crap, er, shows as you (Glee, The Bachelor, Gossip Girl) and then tracks down the clothes so you can buy them.
Why You’ll Heart It: Her inside line to The Bachelor contestants coupled with her no-holds-barred humor make her posts need-to-know fashion info you didn’t even realize you needed to know.
Blog She Loves: A Cup of Jo, by Joanna Goddard

A Cup of Jo
The Goods: The personal blog of Goddard, a New York City magazine writer, it’s a mix of musings on fashion, design, food, marriage, and new momdom — all with a remarkably fresh curatorial eye.
Why You’ll Heart It: Everything from Steven Alan’s capsule collection for kids to Sally Hansen nail stickers is fair game. Plus, honest posts about motherhood will speak to you instead of at you.
Blog She Loves: Marvelous Kiddo, by Leigh Pennebaker

Marvelous Kiddo
The Goods: Pennebaker chronicles her life as a mom to two small boys in NYC, alongside birth stories and great artists’ depictions of breast-feeding.
Why You’ll Heart It: We imagine the content is much like the inside of her brain, bopping from shoes she loves to thoughtful meditations on motherhood.
Blog She Loves: Gregarious Peach, by Georgia Brizuela

Gregarious Peach
The Goods: Travel Down Under to Brisbane, Australia, with photographer Brizuela who documents the everyday delights of caring for her “bear” and “peach.”
Why You’ll Heart It: As if the beautiful pictures of her kids weren’t enough, the sweet sentiments that accompany the images will pull you in.
Blog She Loves: Toni Powell, by Toni Powell

Toni Powell
The Goods: She’s a mom to five (including the above Brizuela) and grandmother to eight. It’s no wonder her blog is a collection of life lessons and wisdom.
Why You’ll Heart It: This is one talented family. Powell also documents the making of her film on gratitude, a collaboration with daughter Hailey.
Blog She Loves:
The Janelle Wind Collection

Get comfy; you’ll be wrapped up for hours.

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