Elisabeth Sann's Abstract Organic Jewelry

Metal, Heavy on Design

elisabeth sann jewelry!

Gene Simmons Family Jewels taught us that heavy metal rockers lead double lives.

Though she’s rocking metal in a different sense, Elisabeth Sann — director at Jack Shainman Gallery by day, gold and silver jewelry designer by night — is doing the concept justice. Inspired by how organic shapes become abstract when wrought in metal, Sann does everything from carving wax molds to the final polish in her East Village apartment.

Leaf and amoeba (conceived after an image search for cells under a microscope) necklaces take a second to identify. Less figurative elephant rings, chunky scarab pendants, and positive and negative (as in occupied space) deer silhouettes provide instant gratification; but it’s Sann’s slightly imperfect, vintage typewriter-inspired initial bracelets we want to sing about.

Pieces are made to order, take two to three weeks to deliver, and run $45 to $360.

Live like a rock star and ask for a double.

Available by email order (elissann@gmail.com). To see styles, go to elisabethsann.com.

Photo: Shelby Gates / Courtesy of Elisabeth Sann