Roll Up to Brooklyn's Underground Bike-In Theater

A Members-Only Club for Moviegoers

bike-in theater!

I. Operation Name: Bike-In Theater Club

II. Brief: An underground organization for cinephiles that assembles flash-mob style. Think of it as a hipster spin on the drive-in cinemas of yore; bikes (or skateboards, Rollerblades, or sneaks) replace cars; a blank wall at the end of a rogue alleyway serves as the screen.

III. Details: Hosted by Forking Tasty’s blogging brothers, the first meeting is this Saturday, 8 p.m. The legality is hazy, so if you BYO “lawn chair,” please be discreet. Helmets are a must. Everything is free.

IV. Coordinates: Classified. Latest intelligence states Brooklyn, near the water. To learn the exact locale, you must sign up; an email with directions will be sent early tomorrow.

V. Supplies: Cinema-inspired popcorn flavors like A Streetcar Named Desire (Cajun), Indiana Jones (garam masala), Goodfellas (Parmesan and parsley), and Austin Powers (salt and vinegar). We’ve also heard a rumor about a fifth with duck fat and truffle salt.

VI. Programing: A modern classic that befits the club’s carefree ethos. Accept this mission to find out.

Sign up online at bikeintheater.com.

Photo: Getty Images