The Sweeten Makes Home Renovations Easier

Go from Fixer-Upper to Fabulous

pretty renovated apartment!

In the rush to close on your “Nolita gem,” you figured “charming” design elements (closet shower, avocado kitchen) were worth overlooking.

Time for an extreme makeover, your home edition, with The Sweeten, a one-stop online resource and guide to renovating in NYC run by an expert group of architects, designers, financial advisers, and developers.

If you’re considering a revamp of any size (congrats), browse completed apartments for inspiration and reference. When you feel ready to fix ’er up, create a free account and post the work you need done.

The Sweeten’s experts will comb their database of contractors (chosen by invitation only) and present you with three to five options. The selected contractors then submit estimates and you pick your favorite. Plus, if you have neighborhood- or project-specific questions (permits, hidden costs), they’re all ears.

Looks like that diamond won’t be rough for long.

Available online at thesweeten.com.

Photo: Kim Steele / Getty Images

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New York, NY