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summer ice cream!

Before Twitter, Follow Friday would have involved a restraining order. Now it’s an excuse to round up our favorites. To properly kick off the long weekend (and summer), we bring you the city’s most refreshing food trucks and vendors. 

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
Unlike the brain freeze you suffer from housing scoops of pistachio and gianduja, the frozen empire-building family hasn’t let success go to their heads. #hipstars
Two? Make it three. We’re not driving. 

The Stand @thestandny
We’re glad siblings Nathalie and Jake didn’t keep their fresh-squeezed, rhubarb-spiked lemonade all in the family. #childhoodredux
Sour batch kids.

People’s Pops @peoplespops
This is a stickup. Give us all your blackberry mint treats. After that, we’re breaking the safe for rhubarb and ginger. No local fruit will be left behind. #criminallygood
Anything but plebeian.

Coolhaus NY @CoolhausNY
If you think this L.A. import is suspect, give its snickerdoodle and strawberry and red velvet and balsamic fig ice cream sandwiches a thorough inspection. #stacked
Haus party. Don’t call the cops.

The Taïm Mobile @TaïmMobile
Enough about the (rightfully) hyped falafel. Middle Eastern-inspired smoothies (try pear/mint/lemon) are just the fix for a steamy day. #TelAvivacious
Taïm, yes; tame, no.

Kelvin Natural Slush @KelvinSlush
You don’t need a complex formula to figure out that green and black tea slush mixed with pureed peaches is delicious. #slurpin
Bill Nye’s a fan.

Milk Truck @milktrucknyc
The malted ball French vanilla milk shakes bring all the boys (and girls) to the yard. And we’re like, we’d like to order four. Unfortunately, they have to charge. #maltbeverages
Milk was a good choice.

Wafels & Dinges @waffletruck
Scoring a de Verdekke (fresh Belgian wafers, ice cream, toppings) at the end of the night is akin to hitting a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth. #batterup
Waffle iron chefs. 

Photo: Image Source / Getty Images