Hacienda Montaecristo's Handmade Mexican Goods

International Relations

hacienda montaecristo mexican goods!

U.S. Customs Dept.
Declaration Form 1-A

Hacienda Montaecristo
Country of Residence: Mexico (Tulum)
Address while in U.S.: Castor & Pollux, West Village, NYC

Primary purpose of trip: To showcase collaboration between Kerrilynn Pamer (C&P boutique proprietor) and Francesca Bonato (jewelry designer and owner of dreamy Mexican hideaway Coqui Coqui).

Items to declare:
(a) Exquisitely loomed silk and rayon rebozos — traditional Mexican shawls with cultural significance (worn by women of all ages) and utilitarian objective (used to carry everything from groceries to babies).
(b) Slouchy, sophisticated hammock string bags in various colors. Matching hammocks also available.
(c) Crisp, white straw hats in three styles (note the Panama-fedora hybrid).
(d) Hand-dyed braided leather thong sandals.
(e) Striking necklace (or belt) with nine strands of beads hand-wrapped in burgundy silk.
(f) Market bag, fashioned after Frida Kahlo’s, embroidered with horses.

Have you been in close proximity to livestock? No. But have been handled by twelve impeccably talented artisans.

Value of goods: Precious and priceless.

Available at Castor & Pollux, 238 West 10th Street, between Hudson and Bleecker Streets (212-645-6572 or castorandpolluxstore.com), $144-$396.

Photo: Courtesy of Castor & Pollux

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238 W 10th St
bt Hudson & Bleecker Sts
New York, NY 10014