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We Test Mike's Hot Honey

Condimentally Stimulating

mike's hot honey!

Some things sound too good to be true.

So when we heard about Mike’s Hot Honey, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just buzz.

Michael Kurtz, a pizzaiolo and bartender at Paulie Gee’s, first tasted the delicacy on a hike to a remote Brazilian village. Smitten, he spent seven years perfecting his own recipe: a secret mix of honey from Pennsylvania, chiles from Minas Gerais in Southern Brazil, and vinegar. He now bottles it in PG’s kitchen.

Eager to sample the spicy nectar, we asked Kurtz for his favorite pairings, tested them, and now bring you the ways we liked it best.

Drizzle it on buttery cornbread, toss with roasted Brussels sprouts, squeeze onto a dollop of ricotta, twizzle BBQ ribs in it (with hot biscuits), swirl into vanilla ice cream, or give prosciutto pizza a golden, gooey halo.

Someone deserves a hive five.

Available at Paulie Gee’s, 60 Greenpoint Avenue, between Franklin and West Streets, Greenpoint (347-987-3747 or pauliegee.com); online at mikeshothoney.com, $8.

Photo: Janelle Jones

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