Geaux South with It's Okay My Dear

Time for a Louisiana Purchase

it's okay my dear clothing!

July 6, 2011

Ms. Worrypants
Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Everything is okay. No need to fret.

We’re wearing whimsical dresses and separates by Ashley Cheeks, whose fascinators we told you about. As it turns out, she’s quite talented with clothing, too.

After making one-off pieces for friends, she set herself up in a hidden workshop in the back of In God We Trust. Cheeks gets inspiration from the dichotomy of stiff, feminine vintage photographs and the sweet, sticky South (she hails from Louisiana). Find romantic comfort in multitiered oil derrick print tea dresses, racy seersucker blouses with statement bows, and high-waisted shorts.

A fall capsule collection using custom fabrics by friend and illustrator Ginger Williams, followed by a fully fleshed out, beautifully fay and balletic collection next spring, should further soothe your soul.

So really, It’s Okay My Dear.


Available online at itsokmydear.com, $45-$600. To schedule a studio appointment, email ashley@itsokmydear.com.

Photo: Courtesy of It’s Okay My Dear