Pigeonco Multiuse Bicycle Panniers

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pigeonco panniers!

Cycling in the city has its share of obstacles: wayward tourists, frenzied cabbies, and — the bane of every borough dweller’s existence — pigeons.

One element you won’t mind sharing the road with: Pigeonco panniers.

The brainchild of Kate Bryant, the bike-friendly bags were inspired by a daily cross-river commute that called for something more functional than a purse but more stylish than a run-of-the-mill backpack.

Handcrafted in Midtown Manhattan, each bag can be fashioned three ways. To pedal unfettered by luggage, perch one on the back of your ride using short straps. Once you get where you’re going — be it a park picnic or day at the office — use the long straps to convert it into a backpack or tote.

Keep things light with muted tie-dye pink or blue organic cotton, or opt for an upstate-sourced, all-leather iteration.

That should give you plenty to coo about.

Available at Adeline Adeline, 147 Reade Street, between Greenwich and Hudson Streets (212-227-1150); online at pigeonco.com, $325-$395.

Photo: Courtesy of Pigeonco

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