Terra New York Rain Gear Keeps You Dry

Waterproof City Slickers

terra new york!

In the brutal heat of summer, a sudden downpour is a welcome refreshment. But street splash? Not so much.

Protect yourself from the elements with Terra New York rain gear.

Partners Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki offer just three functional styles: a classic, cinched-waist belted trench, a cropped military cape, and — our favorite — a drawstring-waist parka with a monk-size hood. All three come in translucent gray or semisheer camel.

Every piece is waterproof (Saeki tested hers in the shower), has heat-sealed seams, and is made from sturdy, earth-friendly polyurethane that will decompose after fifteen years in a landfill. Structural detailing, strategically placed mesh panels, and storm flaps keep air circulating and ensure you won’t become a walking sauna.

For your personal effects, pick up an accessories bag made from the same material (touch-screen gadgets still work when they’re sealed inside).

Orders take around four weeks to fill. Try to stay calm before the storms.

Available online at terranewyork.com, $22-$295.

Photo: Courtesy of Terra New York