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Let Gojee Find You the Perfect Recipe

gojee recipe finder!

For some, cooking is a joy (usually those who floss daily and exercise regularly). For others, it’s a guaranteed kitchen catastrophe.

For everyone, there’s Gojee.

The new online recipe hub connects cooks of all levels with hand-selected recipes from more than 75 of the best food bloggers (Sara Forte of Sprouted Kitchen, Marc Matsumoto of No Recipes).

If you know exactly what you want to make, hone in on a particular dish. Unsure? Search by craving or ingredient, or find inspiration by flipping through the visually stunning pages of pics.

NYC-area foodies are in luck: Link Gojee to your D’Agostino rewards card (more grocery stores to come), and it will auto-populate ingredients you’ve recently purchased, making your search that much easier.

Because the last thing you want is a recipe for disaster.

Available online at gojee.com. Follow @gojee on Twitter.

Photo: Courtesy of Gojee