Ronald De Feo's Debut Novel, "Calling Mr. King"

A Killer Thriller

calling mr. king!

Upper Fifth Avenue isn’t exactly what you’d call terrifying (save for five-digit price tags and tourist outfits).

But after a swift read of Calling Mr. King, the dark debut novel from Ronald De Feo, you’ll adopt a more sinister view of the area.

The narrator, an assassin with a flawless track record, remains eerily cool — even humorous — as he escorts readers through numerous assignments in a decade-vague Manhattan, London, Paris, and Barcelona. We didn’t want to play witness but found ourselves peeking through closed fingers, cringing at every meticulous gunshot.

As new jobs arise and cities change, so does the marksman; he devises an alter-ego far from his upstate-born self: Peter Chilton, an upper-class Brit whose passions include fine suits from Madison Avenue shops and Georgian architecture.

Prepare to be unsettled, but take our word: De Feo’s concise voice and compelling characterization make this one worth it.

Creepy bonus: The author has the same name as this guy.

Available online at amazon.com, $10.

Photo: Courtesy of Other Press

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