Dr. Krista Archer Sole Savour Cream Is a Treat for Feet

How to Heal Your Heels

dr. krista archer foot cream!

You tweet praises at your manicurist, Facebook about your facials, and mass-email re: your colorist.

But a podiatrist? You’d keep that as hush-hush as your OkCupid account.

Consider Dr. Krista Archer our little secret. Her oddly named Sole Savour cream softens and heals feet war-torn by city escapades, unforgiving pumps, and whatever else your toes find their way into.

Archer developed the formula while pregnant, so it’s free of chemical no-nos (parabens, sulfates, synthetics, dyes). Instead, you’ll find beta glucan, an anti-inflammatory, collagen-producing remedy derived from oats.

Even with sandals on their way to storage, the doc (who’s an ex-marathoner with a penchant for high heels) recommends keeping it around to soothe winter-blown skin and problem spots like elbows and knees. And look out for more of her miracle products: Antibacterial/antifungal nail oil is next in the queue.

Now that’s something to blog about.

Available online at drkristaarcher.com, $30. Enter code DAILYCANDY at checkout for $10 off through October 31.

Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Krista Archer