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No Bake Makery Launches

Great Balls, No Fire

no bake makery!

Your BFFs weren’t fooling anyone when they called your burned souffle “a crispy masterpiece with a hint of char.”

Next time, garner sincere compliments with two-bite treats from No Bake Makery.

Made sans oven by Brooklyn-based Cristina Suarez, the balls are the result of years spent experimenting in the kitchen, countless taste tests with friends, and a bit of know-how picked up at her day job as a publicist for cookbooks.

Three flavors change weekly. Past hits include a peanut butter cookie ball coated in dark chocolate, crumbles, and sea salt; and a coconut, vanilla, and honey truffle. Up this week: a chocolate cookie and Butterfinger bite topped with milk chocolate and a single Reese’s Piece (a.k.a. The DailyCandy); a tiny crispy rice treat wrapped in vanilla cookies and cream with white chocolate and sprinkles; and a graham cracker, choco chip, and marshmallow bite drizzled with dark chocolate and graham crumbles.

Even better: Suarez just launched delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

No bake, no fake, all taste.

Available online at nobakemakery.blogspot.com, $9 per dozen.

Photo: Courtesy of No Bake Makery