Meet the Two Faces of Kaye Blegvad Jewelry and Garlands

Jekyll and Hyde Creations

kaye blegvad garland!

We all have two sides. One likes watching Burton films and animals with three legs. The other prefers animated bunnies and icing mini pastel cupcakes.

Embrace both with Kaye Blegvad, a New York-based, London-bred illustrator and maker of whimsically sinister jewelry and lighthearted garlands.

To start, the dark. Metal evil eyes and skulls top rings and anchor chains while brass saber and silver arrow piercings sharpen any look. Play the sweet savage with acrylic necklaces depicting the hunt (hawk, hare; blood red arrow, doe) and reward fiendish friends with painted leather prize ribbon pins.

kaye blegvad jewelry!For a boost, Blegvad’s paper decorations are like happy sketches brought to life. Add a pop of nature with strands of flowers, daedal feathers, lions, warbling birds, and cat faces, or keep your decor looking local with a row of brownstones.

Taking the good with the bad never felt better.

Jewelry available at The Shape of Lies, 127 East 7th Street, between First Avenue and Avenue A (212-533-5920 or solnyc.com); online at etsy.com, $15-$150. Garlands available online at etsy.com, $23-$35.

Photos: Courtesy of Kaye Blegvad

Few & Far Between
430 Graham Ave
bt Frost & Withers Sts
Brooklyn, NY 11211
The Shape of Lies
127 E 7th St
bt 1st Ave & Ave A
New York, NY 10009