Grouper Sexy-Comfortable Dates with Friends

Go Get Your Group On


Blind dates are like Chutes and Ladders: If he’s smart and likes pugs, he climbs a level. Halitosis is a fall from grace.

Avoid slippery encounters with Grouper, a site that sets up three-on-three dates between packs of friends.

Apply and you essentially friend Grouper on Facebook (no, it doesn’t show in your feed and, yes, it’s secure). Once you are accepted, matching professionals analyze your profile, friends, and photos to determine your personality, interests, education, and age.

When they hook you a winner, Grouper arranges a weeknight time and place (Macao Trading Co., Ellabess, Bathtub Gin) based on the schedules and relative awesomeness of both parties. Each person (you bring any two single pals) owes $20 beforehand to cover the first drink, tax, tip, and reserved table.

Sparks will fly. Or not. In which case, you’re already one cocktail deep with two buddies. We tested it and liked two out of three.

At least no one was playing games.

Available online at joingrouper.com. Mention DailyCandy in the referral box to jump to the front of the waiting list.

Photo: Kane Skennar / Getty Images