Peri Lyons Knows Your Future

And You're Going to Get Carded in Chelsea

peri lyons psychic readings!

Some psychics look to the stars for destiny divining. But the stars themselves?

They go to the elusive Peri Lyons.

The former model-turned-intuitive consultant and spiritual healer cemented her status as the go-to clairvoyant fifteen years ago when she discovered the laser accuracy of her inner eye at a swank British dinner party.

These days Lyons employs a combination of palm and tarot readings to assess your past, analyze your present, and advise for your future. Delivered with therapeutic, loving, and often hilarious wit, the readings last approximately 60 minutes.

Normally, one has to be a friend of a friend or a well-connected (Cornelia) Guest to make an appointment, but because you are all stars (at least in our eyes), Lyons is offering DailyCandy readers a half-price introductory reading for $200 from her Chelsea space.

We’re sensing your excitement.

To make an appointment, email perilyons1@gmail.com and mention DailyCandy.

Photo: Courtesy of Peri Lyons

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New York, NY