Climb into Species by the Trees Pop-Up Fort

Designer Erica Bradbury's First Shop

species by the trees!

And now, a (grown-up) playground scene.

Cool kid: Newbie, we like your style. Wanna join our club?

Noob: Er.

Cool kid: Sweet. We meet at Species by the Trees, designer Erica Bradbury’s new fort and collab space with Siri Wilson, owner of Treehouse Brooklyn.

Noob: Treehouse? Do I have to climb?

Cool kid: Nah, but with plenty of Species by the Thousands jewelry, bearded man pillows, rad sketchy sweatshirts, and stationery, you will socially. The shop also has spacey totem-face rings and lupine breastplates Bradbury created with neighborhood cohort Wilson.

Noob: I’m listening.

Cool kid: The clubhouse is filled with A.S.I.S. soft necklaces, Cold Picnic belts and cuffs, Sirius Lux crocheted chain baubles, and Sirius clothing.

Noob: Schwing.

Cool kid: Initiation is tomorrow night from 6 to 9 p.m. We’ll have drinks and nibbles from Emily’s Pork Store. Bradbury moves out come January.

Noob: Thanks for going out on a limb.

Species by the Trees, at Treehouse Brooklyn, 430 Graham Avenue, between Withers and Frost Streets, Williamsburg (718-482-8733 or treehousebrooklyn.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Species by the Thousands

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430 Graham Ave
bt Withers & Frost Sts
Brooklyn, NY 11211