Reason Brooklyn-Made, Sustainable Furniture

Headboards, Tables, Shelving, and More

reason modern!

If your 8-year-old futon could talk, it would probably say something like, “You know you can do better.”

Stop making excuses and look to Reason, a Brooklyn-based furniture design company.

After moving east from San Francisco, Jacob Ruch left construction to follow the family path (Reason is named after Ruch’s craftsman great uncle). He now creates sustainable, modern-rustic beds, tables, and seating from salvaged wood and scrap otherwise destined for the dump.

Pieces are simple and let the nature of the wood (Douglas fir, redwood, plywood) speak. He works with the New York apartment in mind, so commission a sleek headboard, bench, low-profile shelving, or wardrobe rack you’d actually want to show.

Ruch has his own artistic vision but can replicate styles (modern, midcentury) and will happily work with you on custom pieces, starting at just $500.

Now that’s reasonable.

Available by email order (reasonmodern@gmail.com). To see styles, go to reasonmodern.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Reason