Sakara Whole Foods Detox

A Cleanse Without the Crazy

sakara whole foods!

The juice cleanse. Some people thrive and can run five marathons. Others go nuts and end up making out with nachos.

For a balanced detox, try Sakara custom whole foods cleanses.

Owners Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle have holistic nutrition and yoga certifications, as well as chemistry and finance degrees, between them. They create and pack every meal in Soho using fresh, local ingredients.

After a consultation to establish goals, dietary restrictions, and likes/dislikes, they deliver three days of tailored breakfasts, lunches, and teas. Meals are mostly dairy free, vegan, and full of superfoods (flax, quinoa, kale, chia). Dinners are available, but so is having a nightlife.

We wish we could order in Mayan-spiced apple and quinoa streusel and a chard and cashew pesto veggie wrap every day. We also noshed kale salad with honey carrot pumpkin quinoa mash and discovered kiwi berries.

They’re crazy good.

Available by email order (info@sakaralife.com), $170 when you mention DailyCandy (regularly $225). For more information, go to sakaralife.com.

Photo: Calvert Byam / Getty Images