The World Needs More Love Letters’s Barista Bundle

Send a Love Letter to a Stranger

more love letters!

Dear anonymous barista,

For supplying our daily buzz, tolerating caffeine headache-induced barks, and fielding those ridiculous orders (venti scalding-hot soy latte with extra foam, please?), we give thee thanks.

Our effusive inspiration? Snail mail devotee and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters site Hannah Brencher.

During her ride home on the 4 train, the 23-year-old penned a heartfelt note and left it behind for an unsuspecting stranger. One letter grew to more than 420 (she’s also been responding to online requests from everyone who sends an address), which she’s placed everywhere from coat pockets to library books and church pews. To help spread the word, Brencher’s built a core team of eleven letter writers and an army of email volunteers.

Now she’s asking all of NYC to contribute to her Barista Bundle. We simply have to mail a java-driven missive to her post office box by November 30; she’ll then scatter the lot throughout coffee shops across town.

It’s a whole latte love this holiday season.


Show a barista you care by sending a letter to More Love Letters, P.O. Box 2061, North Haven, CT 06473. For more information, go to moreloveletters.com.

Photo: Fuse / Getty Images