Cinema Classics

Bacall gazes wistfully at Bogart, tapping her cigarette rhythmically on her silver case. She raises the cigarette to her lips, Bogey leans in with his lighter. Bacall pulls away…

Ever wish the atmosphere around you were a little more like the action on screen? At Cinema Classics, it is.

Thanks to some folks in the East Village, you can ditch the sterility of the multiplex and watch a movie. Not only that: You can curl up in a comfy chair and have what may well be the world’s largest cup of coffee (we’re talking kiddy-pool sized). Cinema Classics also hosts happy hour from 4:00 p.m to 7:30 p.m. with Rolling Rocks for $2 and Coronas for $3?Prices that haven’t been around since the days when they actually paid movie stars to smoke in public.

Movies are there to rent, to buy, or watch. The new thing is the 10 O’clock Mock on Thursdays. Watch a really bad B-flick while a comedy troupe makes fun of the movie at the same time.