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OMilk Almond and Cashew Milks

A Vegan Drink Tasty Enough for Carnivores

omilk almond and cashew milks!

Poor milkmen. They’ve gotten a bum rap over the years due to all the baby-daddy accusations.

Restoring the job to its wholesome origins is OMilk, a Brooklyn-based husband-wife team who make the creamiest almond and cashew milks we’ve ever had — and deliver them anywhere in the five boroughs.

Cute-as-a-button couple Julie and Gregory Van Ullen started making nut milks because they wanted a better-for-the-environment and healthier dairy/soy alternative. Slowly but surely, friends and co-workers started trying, loving, requesting, and demanding them. Bam: There was no going back.

In case you’re skeptical over the vegan thing, stop right there. We asked our most discerning carnivore editors to try OMilk, and they chugged it (the almond’s great on cereal; the cashew’s perfect for coffee and eggnog; both are good on their own).

Just remember: Too many deliveries and people will get suspicious.

Available by email order (omilknyc@gmail.com), $4-$10 per bottle, $20 minimum, plus a $5 delivery fee. For more information, go to omilknyc.com.

Photo: Courtesy of OMilk