Brianna Fano Lucite Jewelry

How to Make a Clear Statement

brianna fano jewelry!

In a world where turtlenecks and daytime pajamas are trending, locating your fashion center can be tough.

Find clarity with Brianna Fano’s Lucite jewelry.

The Parsons grad learned bauble basics from her mother but focused on clothing in school. After making one-off adornments for close friends, she paired up with a local Lucite fabricator to do something more.

The result is a debut collection that looks like Judy Jetson’s secret stash of hardware store-inspired gems: Think braided ropes, polished hooks, and hinges with mod plastic elements.

Bulky spheres, cubes, and pyramids strung on cobalt or tricolored ropes and chains add interest to winter necklines; our favorite pieces — sapphire-hued Lucite breastplates and chokers — catch light and eyes. Tune up a basic outfit with black and clear piano key tab necklaces, hinged octagon bracelets, and magnetic cocktail rings.

Pieces are made to order and take around three weeks.

Looks like a clear winner.

Available by email order (brianna@briannafano.com), $75-$400. To see styles, go to briannafano.com.

Photo: Matt Dine Photography / Courtesy of Brianna Fano