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Georgie Girl Confections Launches

Classic Homemade Treats Delivered

georgie girl confections!

The next two weeks of treats ’n’ snoozing will be interrupted only by snoozing ’n’ treats. (And the occasional YouTube marathon.)

Prep with Georgie Girl Confections, baked from scratch and delivered in Manhattan (with three days’ notice). Founder/lifelong baker Georgie Kovacs Barden is armed with knowledge passed down from her 90-year-old Hungarian grandmother and memorized from vintage Betty Crocker tomes.

In the spirit of holiday laziness, some tips on how best to indulge:

1. Merge sugar and artistic urges with frost-your-own gingerbread cookies.

2. Watch the tree, eat peppermint bark.

3. Snicker at crazy relatives, snickerdoodle in hand.

4. Counteract eggnog effects with chewy chocolate and espresso cookies and Hungarian nut rolls.

5. Play Elf in a loop; take a bite of peanut butter cookie sandwiches or fudge every time Buddy says “sugar” or “candy.”

You can request custom flavors and creations, though we’ll understand if that needs to wait until after the holidaze.

Available by email order (georgiegirlconfections@gmail.com), $10-$20. For more information, go to georgiegirlconfections.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Georgie Girl Confections