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A New Watering Hole in the East Village

the wayland!

Deep in Alphabet City, swirls of campfire smoke, cinnamon-spiced apple pie, and moonshine dance in an orb-topped tumbler. Live bluegrass and indie rock tunes echo across salvaged wooden floorboards and shelves lined with Mark Twain tales.

Welcome to The Wayland, your new saloon-slash-living room away from home.

Co-owner and cocktail veteran Jason Mendenhall (Ofrenda, Madam Geneva) slings pretension-free libations inspired by local resources (that jar of ground cherries swiped from his bartender’s hometown) and personal whims (pumpkin pie, perhaps?). State your liquor of choice, then revel in your kale-ginger margarita or Irish whiskey with cumin-infused syrup.

Business partner Robert Ceraso (Maremma) crafts small-plate wonders into the wee hours (2 a.m. nightly). A sour cherry jam- and red wine-braised beef short rib with horseradish creme fraiche balances atop a crunchy baguette, while olive oil-rendered bacon and tomatoes spill into a cool bundle of parsley and arugula leaves.

Better mosey over before the crowds do.

The Wayland, 700 East Ninth Street, entrance on Avenue C (212-777-7022 or thewaylandnyc.com).

Photo: Melissa Hom / Courtesy of The Wayland

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700 E 9th St
@ Ave C
New York, NY 10009