KiwiSweat Takes Center Stage

Gonna Make You Sweat


At the gym, though you toil and tire,
treadmills make you too bored to perspire.

Switch up your game with KiwiSweat,
a pop-up workout and aerobic fete.

Once per month they set up shop,
transforming galleries, lofts, and building tops.

Classes range from yoga to spin,
for each they haul the equipment in.

Pam Graf and Alicia Thomas tap the city’s best
instructors and experts to push and test.

For class this month there is just one,
tomorrow’s hour of dripping fun.

In an LES theater prep to kickbox
with Reign Hudson of Crunch and Equinox.

On-site drumming sets the groove;
core and gams you will improve.

Sign up and KiwiSweat you’ll find
is like a roundhouse kick to the fitness grind.

Up next they’ve planned a yoga session
with down dogs at Kirtan Smith’s discretion.

The date and location are TBD.
As for feeling hot? Completely free.

KiwiSweat kickboxing at The Living Theatre, 21 Clinton Street, between Houston and Stanton Streets, tomorrow, 10 a.m. Register online at kiwisweat.com, $20. Mention DailyCandy when you get there.

Photo: Ryan McVay / Getty Images

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The Living Theatre
21 Clinton St
bt Houston & Stanton Sts
New York, NY 10002