Brooklyn-Made DL Skateboards

Wheels to Flip For

dl skateboards!

Once upon a time, getting stoked to shred required an appreciation of the half (and full) pipe.

Turn back the clock with DL Skateboards.

The retro rides are attractive enough to hang as art, though founders/couple/longtime boarders Derek Mabra and Lauren Andino prefer you kickflip them to pieces.

In their Greenpoint abode, Mabra cuts and sands planks of Upstate-sourced oak before Andino paints the boards with chill Cali styles. The duo works only when the vibes are congenial, and imperfections like tiny scratches and fingerprints are smiled upon.

Go graphic with distressed stripes or a red and white rising sun, or let the wood grain shine with an au naturel varnish. All come as decks, but if you crave the wind in your hair (under a helmet, naturally), they’ll attach wheels, bearings, trucks, risers, and bushings for some additional dough.

We expect high times.

Available online at dlboards.com, $125-$195.

Photos: Courtesy of DL Skateboards