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Randwiches Lunch Delivery Begins

The Best Thing for Sliced Bread

randwiches lunch delivery!

Apologies, lunch ladies. Mystery meat never did it for us.

A daily serving of strange we can get behind: Randwiches.

Founded as an extracurricular activity for Jenn de la Vega and Jeff Stockton of Brooklyn catering company Escoffiette, the operation delivers lunchtime surprises on hearty slices of bread.

Consider each day’s unannounced creative filling a pop quiz, although past valedictorians include roast beef with jalapeno mustard and wild mushrooms (pictured), chicken adobo with mofongo, and Kobe beef with onion jam and scallion butter. The duo gets extra credit for honoring food restrictions.

Sign-ups start today, there’s no minimum order (a week’s notice is required for groups of eight or more), and they deliver anywhere the subway reaches. A sandwich sets you back $7 — with tips accepted only in the form of tweets, Facebook posts, and word of mouth.

Feel free to pass a note in study hall.

Sign up online at randwich.es. The first twenty people to mention DailyCandy get sent to the front of the line.

Photo: Jeff Stockton / Courtesy of Randwiches