Leah Duncan's Valentine's Bull's-Eye

Shot Through the Heart

leah duncan bullseye!

So you broke up. And there are a million hearts and happy couples everywhere. We feel you.

Rather than spend Valentine’s Day alone with your cats, Pinot and Noir, take aim with help from illustrator extraordinaire Leah Duncan.

As longtime fans of Duncan’s prints, pillows, and towels, we asked the soon-to-be New Yorker (she’s relocating from Austin in a few weeks) to create a cheeky bull’s-eye to mark/mock the holiday.

To play, you’ll need a printer, projectiles (darts work), and photo of an offending party to tape in the center. Though the drawing seems too precious to mar, working out a bit of aggression is worth the extra sheet of paper.

Invite a few friends over, turn on, say, Beyoncé, and nail the target of your former affections one last time. Best part: There’s no need to keep score.

You win because you’re free.

Download the printout here. For more of Leah Duncan’s work, go to leahduncan.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Leah Duncan

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