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with love, from brooklyn!

The latest unofficial census data reveal novelist-slash-baristas, Park Slope Food Coopers, and lip balm-brewing yoga teachers make up 95 percent of Brooklyn’s population.

But you know better: The borough is for lovers, like Dara Furlow.

Her new company, With Love, from Brooklyn, is a one-stop online shop for care packages filled with artisanal foodstuffs and local sweets. Furlow roots out the best producers, has a tasting panel approve the goods, groups them by theme (salty sweet, bacon, spiced, and breakfast), and ships them to your (or a friend/editor’s) doorstep.

Technically, you could order Whimsy & Spice cookies, Morris Kitchen syrups, Anarchy in a Jar marmalade, Saucy by Nature condiments, and Nunu caramels separately. But we did the math; With Love, from Brooklyn is a serious bargain. Plus, your sampler comes tied with a nice ribbon.

Packages and selections will rotate as Furlow finds new producers.

Which shouldn’t be tough (population considered).

Available online at withlovefrombrooklyn.com, $43-$85.

Photo: Courtesy of With Love, from Brooklyn