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Friends with benefits, dogs walking on two legs, and Swayze classic To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar taught us that when lines blur, beauty happens.

Reinforcing the lesson: art-meets-life purveyor Grey Area.

After stints as an e-boutique and a string of pop-ups, the company laid down roots in an airy Soho loft, which feels like a real-life Venn diagram filled with works to wear, pieces to display, and a healthy dose of cheek.

Throw Abraxas Rex’s painted kimonos over Mara Hoffman bikinis or Marina Schindler embellished vintage lingerie. Colorful wood necklaces and wall sculptures by Julie Thevenot pop, while Christopher Milne’s silhouette coasters give airs of propriety (a silver “pearl necklace” balances well). Our top pick: Elisabeth Koch’s wacky poof ball hat.

The entire stock ranges from $25 to $18,000. For now, you need an appointment to visit. Come March 8, buzz in at your leisure.

It won’t be a drag.

Grey Area, 547 Broadway, between Prince and Spring Streets, second floor (shopgreyarea.com). To make an appointment, email info@shopgreyarea.com.

Photo: Janelle Jones / DailyCandy

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547 Broadway
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