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A Motivational Punch

women's world of boxing!

Hey, (sofa-sitting) champ, swimsuit season is coming, and you’re off to a rocky start.

Get back into fighting shape with Women’s World of Boxing.

No, we’re not talking self-defense (though that never hurts). Perennially upbeat trainer/certified USA Boxing coach Teresa Scott teaches ladies how to tear it up in the ring.

Start with four one-hour sessions to knock out basic techniques, hits (jabs, hooks, uppercuts), and safety. Once you understand how to correctly throw a punch, smaller classes with increased cardio (jump rope, speed bag) become the focus.

Sessions torch calories; increase core, arm, leg, and hip strength; and won’t transform you into a hulk (though you can quiz resident nutritionist/yoga teacher Candice Taylor should any doubts linger).

Classes fill up fast, but because DailyCandy readers are special, they get access to an additional March intro course that starts one week from today.

Now bring on the May weather.

Sign up online at womensworldofboxing.com. Classes are held at Kingsway Boxing NYC, 1 West 28th Street, at Fifth Avenue, second floor (kingswaygym.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Women’s World of Boxing

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1 W 28th St
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