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Schmendricks New York-Style Bagels

Savory Rolls Brooklyners Would Love

schmendricks bagels!

Though schmendrick is a Yiddish term for nincompoop, we pity the fool who hasn’t tried the plural: Schmendricks may be the best New York-style bagel this side of the five boroughs.

Co-founder and Brooklyn native David Kover yearned for the crispy/chewy/maltiness of his youth. So he did what any millennial would do: hopped on Facebook to track down a former classmate and employee of Brooklyn’s famed Bagel Hole to garner the secrets to superior bagels.

Now Kover (who calls himself the chief authenticity officer) and his wife, Dagny Dingman, along with friends/fellow couple Deepa Subramanian (at the helm of the operation) and Dan Scholnick, create flavorful bagels with crisp exteriors (no toasting necessary), dense insides, and iconic malt. The holey treasures are flying like hotcakes (pun intended) at pop-ups around the Mission, but we’re giving you the heads up on where they are next.

So you can have your schmear and eat it, too.

Available Sunday, 10:30 a.m.-noon (or until they sell out), at 780 Cafe, 780 Valencia Street, between 18th and 19th Streets (415-552-2040 or 780cafe.com). Sign up for updates online at schmendricks.com. For pop-up information, follow @schmendricks on Twitter.

Photo: Courtesy of Schmendricks

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