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You’ve committed unspeakable acts upon your gastrointestinal tract (pork sushi, foie gras-stuffed donuts). Well, the time has come to repent. Er, ferment.

Let Better Booch be your saving grace. Kombucha virtuosos Ashleigh Haney and Trey Lockerbie’s effervescent beverages are little sips of heaven.

Made from the finest local ingredients (organic produce, Art of Tea black tea), batches are brewed weekly, so there’s no risk of overfermention and, thus, no vinegary aftertaste. Original Gangster, Apple Ginger Rogers, Princess Peach, and Goodnight Rose come packed with health-boosting probiotics to cure what ails you (joint pain, poor digestion, shoddy immune system).

Find your salvation at the Silver Lake Farmers Market, purchase by the gallon online, or sign up for the monthly delivery service.

But we’re probably already preaching to the choir.

Available every Tuesday at Silver Lake Farmers Market, 3700 Sunset Boulevard, at Edgecliffe Drive, Silver Lake; online at getbetterbooch.com, $38.50 for a gallon. DailyCandy readers get 20 percent off their first orders with promo code dc20.

Photo: Luke Wyatt / Courtesy of Better Booch

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