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Parish Hall's Bread and Onion Soup Recipe

Get slurpy this spring

parish hall bread and onion soup!

Egging the neighborhood is a quick way to outwear your welcome.

Though we don’t foresee Williamsburg diners complaining. Parish Hall, the sister restaurant to always-packed breakfast spot Egg, starts dinner service tonight.

To mark the occasion, we asked chef Evan Hanczor (Egg, Locanda Verde, The Dressing Room) to share his Catskill-influenced recipe for bread and onion soup with spring alliums and sesame crumble. It’s simple, sharp, and sops up the last bit of chilly weather with aplomb.

Those who want to follow up with veggies, duck, and lamb from the Hudson River Valley or regional fish, oysters, and draft beers should head over to the kitsch-free Brooklyn space.

You might even meet a (rap)scallion or two.

Bread and Onion Soup
Serves four


For the soup
1½ qt. onion, julienned
3 tbsp. butter
2 c. buttermilk
2 c. whole milk
4 c. water
1½ c. breadcrumbs, toasted
Salt and white pepper to taste

For the garnish
1 tbsp. sesame seed, toasted (mixed with a little maple sugar if you can get it)
1-2 spring alliums, lightly cooked or pickled (ex., roasted scallions, green garlic, spring onions or shallots, pickled ramps, or finely minced chives)

1. In a pan over low heat, sweat onions very slowly in butter with a pinch of salt. (They should cook down completely in 20-30 minutes, coloring as little as possible.)

2. Once onions have melted, add remaining ingredients and simmer until breadcrumbs are soaked to a mush. (The milk will curdle due to the acid in the buttermilk — don’t worry.)

3. Season to taste with salt and a little pepper. (The pepper flavor will become more prominent as the soup sits.)

4. In a blender, puree until smooth; pass through a strainer if you like.

5. Garnish with a few spring alliums and sesame seeds.

Parish Hall, 109a North 3rd Street, between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg (718-782-2602 or parishhall.net).

Photo: Jordan Blumberg / DailyCandy

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