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Farm Eggs from a J.Crew Curator

Get the inside (s)coop


Twelve tidbits about the dozen eggs you’ll be ordering.

1. Jamie Sabuda, brand and vintage curator for J.Crew Men’s, lives on a farm in the Northern Hudson River Valley with his family.

2. Last summer an interest in chickens and a miscommunication led to a mudroom filled with 47 chicks.

3. The family now sells a mix of cream, blue, tan, and brown eggs daily.

4. Birds of different feathers — heritage Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, barred Cochins, Cuckoo Marans, Javas, Belgian Bearded D’Anvers, and Ameraucanas — flock together.

5. Cluckers eat organic feed and foraged bugs to produce hormone- and antibiotic-free eggs.

6. A breakfast laid with love by Little My, Jenny Linsky, Gabby, Bunny, Mrs. Wilson, Sea Salt, and Peppercorn tastes better than any deli sandwich.

7. His stepdaughters hold naming rights (see above).

8. They also decorate cartons, open coops, and help feed.

9. Sabuda commutes daily, so arrange to pick up a dozen in the city for $6.

10. To avoid a scramble, order a week in advance.

11. Come June, venture to Montgomery Place Orchards Farm Stand in Red Hook for a discounted price of $5.

12. This is no yolk.

Available by phone (845-389-6889) or email order (shaydavid@mac.com). To shop J.Crew Men’s, go to jcrew.com.