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Baby Mash teething rings

baby mash!

If the Jeopardy clue is “Shoes, books, grass, and lint,” we’re pretty sure of the answer: What are things babies put in their mouths?

Thanks, Alex. We’ll take parenting for a thousand. And so will Molly McDonald, founder of Baby Mash teething rings. The Brooklyn-based mompreneur is married to chef Bradford McDonald, so her foodie instincts told her there had to be something healthier than the sugar-filled, rice-based options she was feeding their daughter.

She was right. Baby Mash biscuits are made from whole grains. Available in flavors of stewed apple, banana, and pumpkin (which our tiny taste testers loved), the sugar-free rings contain rolled and ground oats, freshly pureed fruits or veggies, and very little else.

Plus, they are allergen friendly, with no dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, or nuts.

Healthy and satisfying. Looks like we hit the Daily Double.

Available online at baby-mash.com, $5 for six biscuits (single variety) or $15 for eighteen (assorted flavors).

Photo: Noah Fecks / Courtesy of Baby Mash