Right On, Target

Todd Oldham's Kid Made Modern art supplies

kid made modern!

We’ll pair a Marc Jacobs sweater with jeans from H&M and follow foie gras with a Betty Crocker birthday cake any day. But our favorite high-low matchup is designer Todd Oldham’s new collaboration with Target: Kid Made Modern.

Taking its name from Oldham’s child-friendly crafting books, the collection consists of art supplies and projects, running the gamut from paints and brushes to make-your-own decals and paint-by-numbers wall art kits.

The quality is impeccable (Oldham and his team of artists vetted everything), the prices unbeatable (more than 40 items and not a single one more than $20). Beautifully packaged colored pencil sets and jewelry kits beg to be stockpiled as gifts, while crazy crayons and graphic-patterned tape have party favor written all over them.

Let your littles loose with the creative tools and watch sparks (and paint) fly. You’ll be glad you’re wearing $10 jeans.

Available starting Sunday online at target.com, $4-$20.

Photo: Courtesy of Kid Made Modern